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Test Bank (Download Now) Phlebotomy Simplified 3rd Edition by Garza ISBN: 9780134718347


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Phlebotomy Simplified, 3e (Garza/Becan-McBride)
Chapter 2 Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
2.1 Multiple Choice Questions
1) Which term means a set of principles or values based on religious or moral teachings that
guide a person’s actions?
A) Standards
B) Maxims
C) Laws
D) Ethics
Answer: D
2) Which of the following seemingly innocent activities can lead to a lawsuit?
A) Discussing patient information with a patient’s family member with the patient’s permission
B) Discussing a 17-year-old patient’s information with the patient’s father without the patient’s
C) Sending a patient’s lab test request to print and forgetting to take it off the printer
D) Logging off the computer after entering blood collection updates
Answer: C
3) A 4-year-old girl who refused to have her blood collected was locked in a room by a health
care worker and was forced to have her blood collected. This is an example of:
A) informed consent.
B) invasion of privacy.
C) misdemeanor.
D) assault and battery.
Answer: D
4) Which term refers to the conduct of the average health care worker in the community?
A) Discovery
B) Standard of care
C) Informed consent
D) Implied consent
Answer: B
5) What is defined as “failure to provide proper care, resulting in injury to others”?
A) Criminal action
B) Slander
C) Negligence
D) Assault
Answer: C