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Test Bank (Download Now) Pharmacology Connections To Nursing Practice 4th Edition by Adams, Urban ISBN: 9780134867366


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Pharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice, 4e (Adams)
Chapter 2 Drug Regulations
1) Which was the greatest problem with patent medicines in early America that led to drug
1. They were only distributed in elixir formulation.
2. They had dangerous or addictive substances.
3. They smelled like medicine.
4. They could only be made out of natural products.
Answer: 2
Explanation: Many did contain dangerous or addictive substances such as morphine or cocaine.
Page Ref: 14
Cognitive Level: Remembering
Client Need/Sub: Physiological Integrity: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies
Standards: QSEN Competencies: III.A.1 Demonstrate knowledge of basic scientific methods
and processes | AACN Essential Competencies: IX.3 Implement holistic, patient-centered care
that reflects an understanding of human growth and development, pathophysiology,
pharmacology, medical management and nursing management across the health-illness
continuum, across lifespan, and in all healthcare settings | NLN Competencies: Knowledge and
Science: Defining how sciences are developed, and by whom | Nursing/Integrated Concepts:
Nursing Process: Implementation
Learning Outcome: 2-1 Explain the role of patent medicines in the history of pharmacology and
the legislation of drugs.
MNL LO: 1.1.1 Apply basic concepts related to pharmacology.