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Test Bank (Download Now) Pearsons Comprehensive Medical Assisting 4th Edition by Beaman, Routh, Papazian-Boyce, Maly, Nguyen ISBN: 9780134420202


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Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting, 4e (Beaman)
Chapter 2 Medical Science: History and Practice
True/False Questions
1) Louis Pasteur is credited with establishing the science of bacteriology.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 21
Objective: 2.2
2) Recent advances in modern medicine allow patients’ results to be available to doctors across
the country.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 24
Objective: 2.7
3) Hippocrates stressed the body’s healing nature, formed clinical descriptions of diseases, and
discovered the ability to identify some diseases by listening to the chest.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 19
Objective: 2.3
4) A physician’s license may be revoked in cases of severe misconduct, which includes
unprofessional conduct, commission of a crime, or personal incapacity to perform one’s duties.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 26
Objective: 2.9
5) In a partnership, one physician is still responsible for making all the administrative decisions.
Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 27
Objective: 2.10
6) Oncology is the study of cancer and cancer-related tumors.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 29
Objective: 2.1
7) The title “doctor” can be used verbally or in writing to address a person who has completed
the highest level of education in their field.
Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 25
Objective: 2.8