Test Bank (Download Now) For Nursing Assistant 6th Edition by Pulliam ISBN: 9780134846651

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Test Bank (Download Now) Nursing Assistant 6th Edition by Pulliam, Holloway ISBN: 9780134846651


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The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute, and Long-Term Care, 6e (Pulliam)
Chapter 2 The Nursing Assistant
1) Which of the following tasks is NOT within the nursing assistant’s scope of practice?
A) Assisting patients with activities and mobility needs
B) Performing sterile procedures and inserting tubes into the patient’s body
C) Attending to patients’ physical comfort and mobility needs
D) Taking vital signs and answering the call bell promptly
Answer: B
Page Ref: 13-17
LO: 1. List the duties of a nursing assistant.
2) As a nursing assistant, you will assist patients with psychological comfort and social needs.
How will you do this?
A) Provide privacy and show respect.
B) Prescribe treatments and medications.
C) Provide psychological counseling.
D) Transport patients and clean equipment.
Answer: A
Page Ref: 13
LO: 1. List the duties of a nursing assistant.
3) You are working as a nursing assistant in a specialty hospital. Your supervisor asks you to do
all of the following tasks. Which one would you tell your supervisor you cannot legally do?
A) Take vital signs on two patients who have had surgery.
B) Answer call lights for additional patients during lunch breaks.
C) Help five patients with baths, dressing, and meals.
D) Supervise the work of two new nursing assistants.
Answer: D
Page Ref: 13-17
LO: 1. List the duties of a nursing assistant.
4) To become a certified nursing assistant, you must
A) Pass a competency evaluation.
B) Complete at least 75 hours of training.
C) Complete at least 16 hours of practical training.
D) Successfully do all of these things.
Answer: D
Page Ref: 17
LO: 2. Describe the training and education that nursing assistants must have.