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Test Bank (Download Now) Medical Office Management 2nd Edition by Malone ISBN: 9780134868288


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Medical Office Management, 2e (Malone)
Chapter 2 Duties of the Medical Office Manager
Match the following terms to their definition.
A) the process of setting up separate functions so that a team is able to perform
B) the process of setting goals for a group
C) the ability to handle more than one task at the same time
D) to lead others through fear
E) a leadership style that consists of leading others by setting a fast pace for employees to follow
F) a leadership style in which employees are left alone to do their work as each employee
believes is best
G) the process of taking one’s tasks and giving them to another
H) a list of items to be discussed at a meeting
I) the ability to work with little oversight or help
J) opinions provided to an individual about what they have done or said
1) agenda
2) autonomy
3) catalytic
4) coordinating
5) planning
6) delegation
7) feedback
8) humanistic
9) intimidate
10) multitask
Answers: 1) H 2) I 3) E 4) A 5) B 6) G 7) J 8) F 9) D 10) C
11) The medical office manager job duties alter depending upon the
A) skills they possess.
B) length of day they want to work.
C) size and type of practice.
D) amount of money they want to make.
Answer: C