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Test Bank (Download Now) Health Science Fundamentals 2nd Edition by Badasch, Chesebro ISBN: 9780134157245


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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
The goal of managed care is to:
A) give only necessary care to support life.
B) provide minimal care for no cost.
C) deliver care at reasonable cost.
D) provide only specialized care.
Answer: C
Ambulatory care facilities include:
A) hospital care, long-term care facilities, and physician offices.
B) rehabilitation centers, outpatient surgery, and physician offices.
C) day care centers, child care centers, and long-term care facilities.
D) none of the above.
Answer: B
Legislation in 1983 approved the grouping of medical conditions, the reasonable cost for each condition, and its
standard treatment. These groupings are called:
A) PPOs.
B) POSs.
C) HMOs.
D) DRGs.
Answer: D
Public health services include:
A) water and food purity and communicable disease control.
B) alcohol and drug abuse control and maternal health.
C) providing educational materials and licensing health agencies.
D) all of the above.
Answer: D
The chain of command is a(n):
A) structure that can officially be bypassed when a problem occurs.
B) unofficial chain that creates problems.
C) chain that promotes strength in the organization and never breaks.
D) official chain that provides a problem-solving structure and helps to ensure communication among
relevant parties.
Answer: D
An organization chart indicates the services provided within the health care organization. Departments or
services that fall under therapeutic services are:
A) laboratory, optical, and billing.
B) maintenance, medical records, and personnel.
C) home health, pharmacy, and rehabilitation.
D) all of the above.
Answer: C