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Test Bank (Download Now) Fundamentals Of Health Care Administration 1st Edition by Safian ISBN: 9780133065633


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Safian, Fundamentals of Health Care Administration, 1e, 0133062783
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Chapter 2: Types of Facilities and Services
1. A proprietary health care facility is typically owned and operated by:
a. A public entity.
b. A corporation with shareholders.
c. The federal government.
d. The state government.
Answer: b
Feedback: The term “proprietary” means privately owned.
Page Ref: 21
2. The ‘date of service’ refers to care provided to a patient during:
a. A 24-hour period.
b. A day of the week.
c. A calendar day.
d. An encounter, regardless of how long it lasts.
Answer: c
Feedback: The date of service is categorized by a calendar day.
Page Ref: 22
3. Which of the following is an example of a specialty care hospital?
a. MD Anderson Cancer Centers
b. Boston General Hospital
c. Orlando Regional Medical Center
d. Minute Clinic
Answer: a
Feedback: MD Anderson Cancer Centers specialize in caring for patients diagnosed with
a malignancy, while the other facilities care for patients with a variety of diagnoses.
Page Ref: 22
4. A skilled nursing facility provides which type of inpatient care?
a. Short-term
b. Long-term
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
Answer: c
Feedback: Skilled nursing facilities can provide short-term care, such as for a patient after
a stroke or a patient healing from multiple fractures, as well as long-term care for those
with serious concerns, such as a patient in a coma.
Page Ref: 23
5. A hospice provides care to those who are diagnosed as:
a. Homebound (patients on strict bed rest).
b. Terminally ill (expected to die within 6 months).