Test Bank (Download Now) For Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography 8th Edition by Sherer ISBN: 9780323446662

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Test Bank (Download Now) For Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography 8th Edition by Sherer, Visconti, Ritenour, Haynes ISBN: 9780323446662


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Chapter 02: Radiation: Types, Sources, and Doses Received
Sherer: Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography, 8th Edition
1. If ionizing radiation from natural sources grows larger because of accidental or deliberate
human actions such as mining radioactive elements, the sources are termed
a. artificial sources.
b. enhanced natural sources.
c. extraterrestrial sources.
d. manmade sources.
2. Electromagnetic radiation travels or propagates through space in the form of a wave but can
interact with matter as a particle of energy called a photon. This dual nature is referred to as
a. wave attenuation capability.
b. wave-particle interchange ability.
c. wave-particle duality.
d. wave-particle phenomena.
3. Which of the following statements concerning the 1979 nuclear reactor accident at TMI-2 is
not true?
a. Many excess cancer deaths have been predicted to occur in the 2 million people
living within 50 miles of the plant at the time of the accident.
b. During the time of the accident, if persons living within a 100-mile radius of the
nuclear power plant received an average radiation exposure of 15 microgray, and
this dose is used as the population dose, then no more than two additional resulting
cancer deaths can be predicted in the exposed inhabitants as a consequence of
radiation exposure.
c. The average dose received by the exposed population living within a 50-mile
radius of the TMI nuclear power station at the time of the accident was determined
to be 0.08 mSv, which is well below the average annual background level.
d. No melt-through of the reactor vessel resulted during the accident.
4. Terrestrial radiation includes which of the following sources?
a. Long-lived radioactive elements such as uranium-238, radium-226, and
thorium-232 that are present in variable quantities in the crust of the earth
b. Radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons tests in which detonation occurred
above ground
c. The sun and beyond the solar system
d. Airport surveillance systems and electron microscopes