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Test Bank (Download Now) For Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy 4th Edition by Washington, Leaver ISBN: 9780323287524


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Chapter 02: The Ethics and Legal Considerations of Cancer Management
Washington & Leaver: Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy, 4th Edition
1. What is the study of ethical issues in medicine?
a. Biometrics
b. Bioethics
c. Macro ethics
d. Micro ethics
Bioethics is defined as the application of ethics to medicine, nursing, and health care.
Biometrics is a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by
means of statistical analysis. Micro ethics consider individuals and internal relations of the
specific situations, whereas macro ethics applies to the collective social responsibility and to
societal decisions.
REF: p. 25
2. Which of the following is not a sanctionable offence by the American Registry of Radiologic
Technologists (ARRT)?
a. Failure to participate in professional activities, share knowledge with colleagues,
and investigate new aspects of professional practice
b. Impersonation of a candidate for the examination
c. Failure to perform radiation therapy procedures with reasonable skill and safety
d. Knowingly assisting, aiding, or allowing a person without a current certificate of
registration with the ARRT to engage in the practice of radiologic technology, in a
jurisdiction that requires such registration
Although participation in professional activities, sharing knowledge, and researching new
aspects of professional practice result in professional growth and other benefits, failure to be
involved in any of these activities is not a sanctionable offense by the ARRT.
REF: pp. 23-24
3. Which of the following is a theory of ethics developed by Immanuel Kant?
a. Virtue ethics
b. Communitarianism
c. Contextual ethics
d. Deontology
In its purest form, deontology was developed by Immanuel Kant.
REF: p. 26
4. Who is most closely associated with the stages of grief?
a. Nel Noddings