Test Bank (Download Now) For Phlebotomy: A Competency Based Approach 5th Edition By Booth ISBN10: 1259608565,ISBN13: 9781259608568

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Test Bank (Download Now) For Phlebotomy: A Competency Based Approach 5th Edition By Kathryn Booth,Lillian Mundt

ISBN10: 1259608565, ISBN13: 9781259608568 


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Test Bank (Download Now) For Phlebotomy: A Competency Based Approach 5th Edition By Booth

Test Bank (Download Now)  For Phlebotomy: A Competency Based Approach 5th Edition By Kathryn Booth, Lillian Mundt

ISBN10: 1259608565, ISBN13: 9781259608568

Table of Content

1. CHAPTER 1   Phlebotomy and Healthcare
2.   CHAPTER 2  Safety and Preparedness
3.   CHAPTER 3  Infection Control
4.   CHAPTER 4  Medical Terminology and Abbreviations
5.   CHAPTER 5  Body Systems and Related Laboratory Tests
6.   CHAPTER 6  The Cardiovascular System
7.   CHAPTER 7  Patient and Specimen Requirements
8.   CHAPTER 8  Blood Collection Equipment
9.   CHAPTER 9  Venipuncture
10. CHAPTER 10  Dermal (Capillary) Puncture
11. CHAPTER 11   Blood Specimen Handling
12. CHAPTER 12  Quality Essentials
13. CHAPTER 13  Special Phlebotomy Procedures
14. CHAPTER 14  Collection of Non-Blood Specimens
15. CHAPTER 15  Waived Testing
16. CHAPTER 16  Practicing Professional Behavior
APPENDIX A   Standard Precautions
APPENDIX B   Transmission-Based Precautions
APPENDIX C   Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots in Commonly Used Medical Terms
APPENDIX D   Abbreviations and Symbols Commonly Used in Medical Notations
APPENDIX E   Medical Laboratory Tests
APPENDIX F   Historically Relevant Phlebotomy Information
APPENDIX G   ASCLS Code of Ethics and Pledge to the Profession
APPENDIX H   Competency Checklists (Additional Procedures for Allen Test and Arterial Puncture Included)
APPENDIX I    Commonly Used Tubes in Order of Draw

About the Author

Kathryn Booth

Kathryn A. Booth, RN-BSN, RMA (AMT), RPT, CPhT, MS is a registered nurse (RN) with a master’s degree in education as well as certifications in phlebotomy, pharmacy tech, and medical assisting. She is an author, an educator, and a consultant for Total Care Programming, Inc. She has over 30 years of teaching, nursing, and healthcare experience that spans five states. As an educator, Kathy has been awarded the teacher of the year in three states where she taught various health sciences, including medical assisting in both a classroom and an online capacity. Kathy serves on the AMT Examinations, Qualifications, and Standards committee, as well as the advisory board for two educational institutions. She stays current through working at various practice settings as well as obtaining and maintaining certifications. Her larger goal is to develop up-to-date, dynamic healthcare educational materials to assist her and other educators and to promote healthcare professions. In addition, Kathy enjoys presenting innovative new learning solutions for the changing healthcare and educational landscape to her fellow professionals nationwide.

Lillian Mundt

Lillian A. Mundt, EdD, MLS(ASCP)SH, LMT(NCBMT) is a medical laboratory scientist, massage therapist, curriculum designer, and author. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree in medical technology, a master’s degree in health professions education, and a doctorate in educational leadership. For over 30 years, she has developed and taught phlebotomy programs, clinical laboratory science programs, and graduate programs at both hospital and university-based institutions. She has authored and developed course materials used in online continuing education programs for colleges and universities, as well as online continuing education companies. In addition, Dr. Mundt has authored several articles for professional journals; a text for Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins; and a dissertation. Dr. Mundt has presented at local, state, and national conventions since 1994. Her current focus is on developing educational materials for medical laboratory science and health professions education. She remains current in both her professions by maintaining employment as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) as well as by developing and teaching courses on a contractual basis.