Test Bank (Download Now) For Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada 4th Edition by Lewi ISBN: 9781771720489

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Test Bank (Download Now) For Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada 4th Edition by Lewi ISBN: 9781771720489


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Chapter 02: Cultural Competence and Health Equity in Nursing Care
Lewis: Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada, 4th Canadian Edition
1. Which of the following terms refers to characteristics of a group whose members share a
common social, cultural, linguistic, or religious heritage?
a. Diversity
b. Ethnicity
c. Ethnocentrism
d. Cultural imposition
Ethnicity is the common social, cultural, linguistic, or religious heritage of a group of people.
Diversity is a presence of persons with differences from the majority or dominant group that is
assumed to be the norm. Ethnocentrism is a tendency of individuals to believe that their way
of viewing and responding to the world is the most correct, natural, and superior one. Cultural
imposition is imposition of one person’s own cultural beliefs and practices, intentionally or
unintentionally, on another person or group of people.
DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension TOP: Nursing Process: Planning
2. The nurse is caring for Indigenous clients in a community clinic setting. Which of the
following would the nurse include when developing strategies to decrease health care
a. Improve public transportation.
b. Obtain low-cost medications.
c. Update equipment and supplies for the clinic.
d. Educate staff about Indigenous health beliefs.
Health care disparities are due to stereotyping, biases, and prejudice of health care providers;
the nurse can decrease these through staff education. The other strategies also may be
addressed by the nurse but will not impact health disparities.
DIF: Cognitive Level: Application TOP: Nursing Process: Planning
3. A family member of an elderly Hispanic client admitted to the hospital tells the nurse that the
client has traditional beliefs about health and illness. Which of the following actions is most
appropriate for the nurse in this situation?
a. Avoid asking any questions unless the client initiates conversation.
b. Ask the client whether it is important that cultural healers are contacted.
c. Explain the usual hospital routines for meal times, care, and family visits.
d. Obtain further information about the client’s cultural beliefs from the daughter.