Test Bank (Download Now) For Marketing Loose Leaf 2nd Edition By Hunt ISBN 10: 1259598993, ISBN 13: 9781259598999

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Test Bank (Download Now) For Marketing Loose Leaf 2nd Edition By Shane Hunt, John Mello, George Deitz

ISBN 10: 1259598993, ISBN 13: 9781259598999 


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Test Bank (Download Now) For Marketing Loose Leaf 2nd Edition By Hunt

Test Bank (Download Now)  For Marketing Loose Leaf 2nd Edition By Shane Hunt, John Mello, George Deitz

ISBN 10: 1259598993, ISBN 13: 9781259598999

Table Of Content

Part 1: Marketing In The Twenty-First Century

Chapter 1: Why Marketing Matters to You

Chapter 2: Strategic Planning

Chapter 3: The Global Environment

Part 2: Understanding Your Customer

Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior

Chapter 5: Marketing Research

Chapter 6: Product Development

Chapter 7: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Part 3: Reaching Your Customer

Chapter 8: Promotional Strategies

Chapter 9: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Chapter 10: Pricing

Chapter 11: Retailing

Chapter 12: Personal Selling

Chapter 13: Digital & Social Media Marketing

Part 4: Responding To Your Customer

Chapter 14: Customer Relationship Management

Chapter 15: Branding

Chapter 16: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

About the Author

Shane Hunt

Dr. Shane Hunt received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Oklahoma State University where he was a AMA Sheth Foundation and National Conference in Sales Management Doctoral Fellow. Shane is the recipient of the 2010 National Inspire Integrity Award from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the 2010 Lt. Col. Barney Smith Award as Professor of the Year, and the 2015 Honors Professor of the Year at Arkansas State University. Shane’s research has appeared in the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, The Journal of Business Logistics and he has been invited to present to numerous organizations including the American Marketing Association and the National Conference in Sales Management. Shane is also the co-author of McGraw-Hill’s new Principles of Marketing textbook that is being used by students across the country. After completing his MBA at the University of Oklahoma, Shane went to work for a Fortune 500 company in Tulsa, OK and spent eight years working as a pricing analyst, product manager, and business development manager overseeing numerous Mergers and Acquisitions initiatives. Shane is now the Dean of the College of Business and Professor of Marketing at Arkansas State University and lives in Jonesboro, ARK with his wife Jenifer and their two children, Andrew and Sarah.

John Mello

George Deitz

Dr. Deitz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and the Director of the Customer NeuroInsights Research Laboratory (CNRL) at The University of Memphis. He received his Ph.D. from The University of Alabama and hold Bachelors and Master’s degrees from West Virginia University. Prior to beginning his academic career, he worked for more than 10 years as a sales and marketing executive for several leading software companies.

Dr. Deitz’ substantive research involves strategic marketing issues, primarily in the context of services, retail, and “creative industries” (e.g., software development, film). In his role as Director of FCBE’S new “neuro” lab, he also pursues research opportunities that emphasize the application of physiological and neurological measurement systems in studying the influence of attention and emotion upon decision making.