Test Bank (Download Now) For Environmental Science 15th Edition By Enger ISBN10: 1259916812,ISBN13: 9781259916816

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Test Bank (Download Now)  For Environmental Science 15th Edition By Eldon Enger,Bradley Smith
ISBN10: 1259916812,ISBN13: 9781259916816 


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Test Bank (Download Now) For Environmental Science 15th Edition By Enger

Test Bank (Download Now)  For Environmental Science 15th Edition By Eldon Enger, Bradley Smith
ISBN10: 1259916812, ISBN13: 9781259916816

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Environmental Interrelationships
Chapter 2 Environmental Ethics
Chapter 3 Risk, Economics, and Environmental Concerns
Chapter 4 Interrelated Scientific Principles: Matter, Energy, and Environment
Chapter 5 Interactions: Environments and Organisms
Chapter 6 Kinds of Ecosystems and Communities
Chapter 7 Populations: Characteristics and Issues
Chapter 8 Energy and Civilization: Patterns of Consumption
Chapter 9 Nonrenewable Energy Sources
Chapter 10 Renewable Energy Sources
Chapter 11 Biodiversity Issues
Chapter 12 Land-Use Planning
Chapter 13 Soil and Its Uses
Chapter 14 Agricultural Methods and Pest Management
Chapter 15 Water Management
Chapter 16 Air Quality Issues
Chapter 17 Climate Change: A Twenty-first Century Issue
Chapter 18 Solid Waste Management and Disposal
Chapter 19 Environmental Regulations: Hazardous Substances and Wastes
Chapter 20 Environmental Policy and Decision Making

About the Author

Eldon Enger

Eldon D. Enger received a B.A. and an M.S. from the University of Michigan. He is professor emeritus of biology at Delta College, where he taught biology, zoology, and environmental science and was active in curriculum and course development. Professor Enger is an advocate for variety in teaching methodology and feels that if students are provided with varied experiences, they are more likely to learn. Professor Enger’s classes include writing assignments, student presentation of lecture material, debates by students on controversial issues, field experiences, individual student projects, and discussions of local examples and relevant current events. Professor Enger was a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to Australia and Scotland, received the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence and the Scholarly Achievement Award from Delta College, and participated as a volunteer in Earthwatch Research Programs.

Bradley Smith

Brad is the Dean Emeritus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Prior to assuming the position as Dean in 1994, he served as the first Director of the Office of Environmental Education for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. Brad also served as the Acting President of the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation in Washington, D.C., and as a Special Assistant to the EPA Administrator. Before moving to Washington, D.C., Dean Smith was a professor of political science and environmental studies for 15 years, and the executive director of an environmental education center and nature refuge for five years.