Test Bank (Download Now) for Economics 12th Edition By Slavin ISBN 10: 1259235718, ISBN 13: 9781259235719


Stephen Slavin

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Test Bank (Download Now)  for Economics 12th Edition By Stephen Slavin

ISBN 10: 1259235718, ISBN 13: 9781259235719 



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Test Bank (Download Now) for Economics 12th Edition By Slavin

Test Bank (Download Now) for Economics 12th Edition By Stephen Slavin

ISBN 10: 1259235718, ISBN 13: 9781259235719

Table of Content

Chapter 1: A Brief Economic History of the United States

Chapter 2 Resource Utilization

Chapter 3: The Mixed Economy

Chapter 4: Supply and Demand

Chapter 5: The Household-Consumption Sector

Chapter 6: The Business–Investment Sector

Chapter 7: The Government Sector

Chapter 8: The Export–Import Sector

Chapter 9: Gross Domestic Product

Chapter 10: Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment, and Inflation

Chapter 11: Classical and Keynesian Economics

Chapter 12: Fiscal Policy and the National Debt

Chapter 13: Money and Banking

Chapter 14: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

Chapter 15: A Century of Economic Theory

Chapter 16: Economic Growth and Productivity

Chapter 17: Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium

Chapter 18: The Price Elasticities of Demand and Supply

Chapter 19: Theory of Consumer Behavior

Chapter 20: Cost

Chapter 21: Profit, Loss, and Perfect Competition

Chapter 22: Monopoly

Chapter 23: Monopolistic Competition

Chapter 24: Oligopoly

Chapter 25: Corporate Mergers and Antitrust

Chapter 26: Demand in the Factor Market

Chapter 27: Labor Unions

Chapter 28: Labor Markets and Wage Rates

Chapter 29: Rent, Interest, and Profit

Chapter 30: Income Distribution and Poverty

Chapter 31: International Trade

Chapter 32: International Finance

About the Author

Stephen Slavin

Stephen Slavin received his BA in economics at Brooklyn College, and his MA and PhD in
economics at New York University. He taught for over 30 years at New York Institute of Technology,
Brooklyn College, St Francis College (Brooklyn), and Union County College (New Jersey). His sixteen math and economics books include the bestselling All the Math You’ll Ever Need, and most recently, The Great American Economy: How Inefficiency Broke It and What We Can Do to Fix It. In addition, he has written two volumes of short
stories—To the City: with Love. His blog, commenting on current economic and political issues, appears on Perhaps Slavin’s greatest claim to fame is having run track in high school with Bernie Sanders, and having been his college roommate.