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Test Bank (Download Now) For Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6th Edition by Potter, Perry, Stockert, Hall, Astle, Duggleby ISBN: 9781771721134


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Chapter 02: The Canadian Health Care Delivery System
Potter et al: Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 6th Edition
1. What is the fastest growing component of the health care system?
a. Primary care.
b. Respite care.
c. Home care.
d. Palliative care.
Canadian health care is shifting from an institution-based system to one in which community
care is playing a greater role. Home care is one of the fastest growing components of the
health care system, partly because patients are sent home from hospital sooner than they used
to be. Primary care, respite care, and palliative care are not the fastest growing components of
the health care system.
DIF: Apply REF: 27
OBJ: Describe five levels of health care and associated types of services.
TOP: Assessment MSC: NCLEX: Health Promotion and Maintenance
2. Which of the following is a contributing factor to the shortage of nurses in Canada?
a. Increased birth rate, which creates a greater demand for nursing services.
b. New technology, which replaces nurses at the bedside.
c. Fewer people wishing to practise as nurses because health trends are focusing on
natural and alternative therapies.
d. Retirement of a large percentage of nurses.
The nursing workforce is currently challenged by the aging of workers, high retirement rates,
ethical problems in international recruitment, and lack of full-time positions. The average age
of registered nurses in Canada is 44.6 years. The aging of the population is creating the
greater demand for nursing services. Neither the replacement of nurses at the bedside by new
technology nor the focus of health trends on natural and alternative therapies is a factor
identified as contributing to the shortage of nurses.
DIF: Apply REF: 19 (Box 2-1)
OBJ: Discuss principal factors influencing health care reform and the current health care delivery
system. TOP: Planning MSC: NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment
3. A nurse working with a group of Indigenous parents refers to Treaty 6, which includes a
provision for health care services and is often referred to as
a. The Truth and Reconciliation Act
b. The “medicine chest” clause.
c. The Indigenous band agreements.
d. The land and relationship understanding.