Test Bank (Download Now) For Clinical Laboratory Chemistry 2nd Edition by Sunheimer ISBN: 9780134413327

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Test Bank (Download Now) Clinical Laboratory Chemistry 2nd Edition by Sunheimer ISBN: 9780134413327


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Clinical Laboratory Chemistry, 2e (Sunheimer)
Chapter 2 Safety in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
1) OSHA standards are written in which of the following documents?
A) Codes of State Regulations (CSRs)
B) Codes of Federal Regulations (CFRs)
C) Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
D) National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
Answer: B
2) A class A fire involves:
A) Combustible metals such as magnesium.
B) Flammable liquids, for example, methanol.
C) Ordinary combustible material including paper and wood.
D) Electrical equipment.
Answer: C
3) Which of the following practices is inappropriate when establishing quality controls ranges?
A) Exclusion of any quality control results greater than ±2 standard deviation from the mean
B) Compare your data to the manufacturer of the quality control material.
C) Gather quality control data for a long period of time if necessary.
D) Using control results from all shifts on which the assay is performed
Answer: A
4) Liquid nitrogen is an example of which of the following?
A) Carcinogen
B) Mutagen
C) Halogen
D) Cryogen
Answer: D
5) The letters SDS represent which of the following?
A) Safety design sheet
B) Systems data sheets
C) Safety devices schedule
D) Safety data sheet
Answer: D
6) The label identification system designated NFPA 704-M represents which of the following
A) Biohazard materials
B) Mechanical devices
C) Chemical hazards
D) Laboratory safety hoods
Answer: C