Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Statistics 2nd Edition By Jaggia ISBN 10: 1260239519, ISBN 13: 9781260239515

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Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Statistics 2nd Edition By Jaggia

Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Statistics 2nd Edition By Sanjiv Jaggia, Alison Kelly

ISBN 10: 1260239519, ISBN 13: 9781260239515

Table of Content

Ch. 1 Statistics and Data
Ch. 2 Tabular and Graphical Methods
Ch. 3 Numerical Descriptive Measures
Ch. 4 Introduction to Probability
Ch. 5 Discrete Probability Distributions
Ch. 6 Continuous Probability Distributions
Ch. 7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Ch. 8 Interval Estimation
Ch. 9 Hypothesis Testing
Ch. 10 Comparisons Involving Means
Ch. 11 Comparisons Involving Proportions
Ch. 12 Basics of Regression Analysis
Ch. 13 More on Regression Analysis
Appendix A: Tables
Appendix B: Answers to Selected Even-Numbered Exercises

About the Author

Sanjiv Jaggia

Sanjiv Jaggia is the associate dean of graduate programs and a professor of economics and finance at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. After earning a Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1990, Dr. Jaggia spent 17 years at Suffolk University, Boston. In 2003, he became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). Dr. Jaggia’s research interests include empirical finance, statistics, and econometrics. He has published extensively in research journals, including the Journal of Empirical Finance, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, and Journal of Econometrics. Dr. Jaggia’s ability to communicate in the classroom has been acknowledged by several teaching awards. In 2007, he traded one coast for the other and now lives in San Luis Obispo, California, with his wife and daughter.

Alison Kelly

Alison Kelly is a professor of economics at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her B.A. degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts; her M.A. degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles; and her Ph.D. from Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Dr. Kelly has published in journals such as the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Macroeconomics, Review of Income and Wealth, Applied Financial Economics, and Contemporary Economic Policy. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and teaches review courses in quantitative methods to candidates preparing to take the CFA exam. Dr. Kelly has also served as a consultant for a number of companies; her most recent work focused on how large financial institutions satisfy requirements mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act. She resides in Hamilton, Massachusetts, with her husband and two children.