Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Law 10th Edition By Liuzzo ISBN 10: 1259917134, ISBN 13: 9781259917134

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Solution Manual (Download Now) or Essentials of Business Law 10th Edition By Anthony Liuzzo, Ruth Calhoun Hughes

ISBN 10: 1259917134, ISBN 13: 9781259917134


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Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Law 10th Edition By Liuzzo

Solution Manual (Download Now) for Essentials of Business Law 10th Edition By Anthony Liuzzo, Ruth Calhoun Hughes

ISBN 10: 1259917134, ISBN 13: 9781259917134

Table of Content

Part 1 Introduction to Law 
1 Our System of Law
2 Ethics and the Law
3 Criminal Law
4 Tort Law
5 Constitutional Law
6 Administrative Law
Part 2 Contracts 
7 Introduction to Contracts
8 Offer and Acceptance
9 Mutual Agreement
10 Consideration
11 Competent Parties
12 Legal Purpose of Contracts
13 Form of Contracts
14 Operation of Contracts
15 Discharge of Contracts
Part 3 Sales, Agency, and Business Organizations 
16 Transfer of Title
17 Sales
18 Warranties
19 Agency
20 Business Organizations
21 Bankruptcy
Part 4 Commercial Paper 
22 Introduction to Commercial Paper
23 Transfer and Discharge of Commercial Paper
Part 5 Property 
24 Real and Personal Property
25 Bailments
26 Landlord–Tenant Relations
27 Wills, Intestacy, and Trusts
Part 6 Business and Technology 
28 Intellectual Property
29 Computer Privacy and Speech
30 Social Media and the Law
31 Conducting Business in Cyberspace
Part 7 Legal Environment of Business 
32 The Employer–Employee Relationship
33 Employment Law
34 Product Liability
35 Professionals’ Liability
36 International Business Law
37 Business and the Environment
38 Health Care Law
Appendix: The Constitution of the United States

About the Author

Anthony Liuzzo

Anthony L. Liuzzo, J.D., MBA, Ph.D. Dr. Anthony L. Liuzzo is Professor Emeritus at Wilkes University where, until recently, he served as Professor of Business and Economics and Chairperson of the Business Programs of Arizona. Dr. Liuzzo is a licensed attorney and economist. He earned his Ph.D. in business administration, Master of Philosophy in economics, and MBA in management and organizational behavior from New York University; his law degree from St. John’s University; and his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Fordham University in New York City. Specializing in public policy issues, employment law, and holiday retail sales forecasting, he has been cited on numerous occasions in hundreds of publications—including CNN, Fox News, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, the Arizona Republic, the New York Daily News, the Philadelphia Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Times, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Detroit News, the Christian Science Monitor, and the San Francisco Examiner—for his views on legal and business issues. Dr. Liuzzo has been the author of several editions of the popular textbook, Essentials of Business Law, and its accompanying assessment materials, mobile applications, and instructor’s manual, published by McGraw-Hill. Dr. Liuzzo is also the author of several books and numerous articles that have appeared in scholarly and professional journals. He has served as editor of a scholarly journal and has been instrumental in creating several successful small businesses. Dr. Liuzzo is an active member of many professional and community organizations and currently serves as a member and officer of several boards of directors.

Ruth Calhoun Hughes

Ruth Hughes serves as Assistant Professor of Business Law at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Hughes is a licensed attorney and received her JD from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and her BA in economics from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She began her career as an attorney specializing in corporate transactions in New York City and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. She was director of the Small Business Development Center in Wilkes-Barre for many years before joining the faculty of the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership at Wilkes University in 2013. Her research interests, publications, and presentations include the areas of environmental sustainability in business, equity crowdfunding, and emerging trends in securities laws. She serves as a reviewer for several academic publications. Hughes is an active member of many university, professional and community organizations. She is married to Richard Hughes and the proud mother of three children, Callie, Ellen, and Richard.